Houston Elementary School

A Houston man faces charges following an incident at Houston Elementary School, Houston police said.

Officers said Joshua R. Lohrer, 34, of 7378 Highway ZZ, arrived at the school on Oct. 1 and proceeded to cuss and scream at the school principal, Amy Dill, in front of other teachers, employees and students.

He was ordered to leave, and authorities later found that he had entered a classroom and caused a disturbance in front of a classroom of students.

Lohrer is charged with trespassing, first degree, and public peace disturbance.

In other matters, police:

-Charged Jerry D. Crites, 57, of 502 First St., with trespassing at a local business on Oct. 6. Crites had earlier been warned not to enter the store or he would be cited.

-Cited Troy C. Conley, 43, of 212 S. Grand Ave., Apt. 101, with stealing under $500 by shoplifting at Smoker’s Express, Houston, on Oct. 8.

-Arrested Jeffrey L. Wakenight, 26, of 304 Bryan, on a probation and parole warrant.

-Charged Derek N. Evilsizer, 23, of Raymondville, with DWI and careless and imprudent driving on Oct. 2.



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