Houston officers handled a variety of calls during the last week.

Houston’s police department handled numerous investigations during the last week – ranging from a dog bite to traffic violations.


-Arrested Amy E. Dyer, 25, of 500 S. Grand Ave., on a Texas County warrant charging her with operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility and failing to wear a seat belt on Oct. 29. She paid $120.50 and was released.

-Charged Joshua D. Stallcup, 21, of 8043 Illinois Road, with failure to register a motor vehicle by displaying plates of another vehicle and failure to exhibit an insurance identification card on Oct. 25.

-Cited Sandy R. Sisco, 36, of 711 W. Mill St., on Oct. 30 with allowing an animal to run at-large, which is a violation of the leash law. A 24-year-old woman, Casey D. Locke, 24, received a dog bite from the animal.

-Investigated damage to a vehicle owned by Amanda M. Jones, 16, of Licking. The car had been parked on the Walmart parking lot. Video showed a red, four-door passenger car struck it on Oct. 23.

-Cited Justin K. Buchholz, 17, of Raymondville, and Ryan L. Wolfe, 18, of 1402 Cherokee Drive, with disturbance of private peace on Oct. 10. The two arrived at a Dogwood Lane residence seeking a fight.

-Cited Christopher M. Van Wagner, 27, of 309 Holt, with public peace disturbance on Oct. 27 following an altercation at 810 Augusta.

-Investigated an Oct. 28 accident that police said occurred when a vehicle driven by Cathy Ann Peck, 45, of Licking, struck a deer near U.S. 63 and Indian Creek Trails.

-Charged Anthony J. Jones Jr., 20, of 1800 Highway B, and Scott Lynn Folsom, 23, of 310 Mill, with third-degree assault following an incident at 302 W. Mill.

-Charged Christopher M. Van Wagner, 26, with operating a motor vehicle with no valid operator’s license and improper vehicle registration (expired) on Oct. 25.

-Cited Gary E. McCraken, 24, of Rolla, with failure to register a motor vehicle with the Missouri Department of Revenue (displayed plates of another vehicle) on Oct. 25.

-Investigated property damage Oct. 18 to a vehicle owned by Kile Koch, 16, of 6903 Douglas Road. The exhaust pipe had been cut in two and the muffler dented.

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