Jason M. Averett

Updated with new information at 8:49 a.m.: A 33-year-old Houston man is charged with two burglaries at the same business in about a week, Houston police say.

Jason M. Averett, 33, of Brushy Creek Road, was arrested Sunday after officers uncovered a second burglary at Farris Sales and Service at 418 Sam Houston Blvd. A week ago, someone walked off with five chain saws and other items from the business. The loss was estimated at about $1,700.

Averett is charged by Texas County Prosecutor Mike Anderson with two counts of burglary and two counts of stealing items worth more than $500. All are class C felonies. He is in the Texas County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. A computer check also showed he was wanted on a Greene County warrant for driving under the influence.

On Sunday, Police Chief Jim McNiell, on a routine patrol, was summoned to the area after an 11-year-old boy found merchandise from the store scattered near Pine Lawn Cemetery. Three chain saw bars and a sharpening kit were found. McNiell, walking the area, uncovered a 20-inch chain saw, a work glove and an empty cardboard box that once contained a saw bar. Owner Charles “Chuck” Lee was called to the business, and it was determined another burglary had occurred overnight. Entry was gained by sliding between horizontal bars on an east window. Police speculate Averett was planning to return to gather the items from the second burglary.

Police received a break when a Houston officer earlier made a vehicle check in the middle of the night near Community Bank. The woman said she was waiting for her brother, who she believed was intoxicated. An inquiry shows that the woman is the suspect’s sister.

Later, officers arrived at the Averett’s home, where he denied any involvement. His wife, according to a report, gave consent to search a shed, where they found merchandise taken from the earlier burglary covered by throw rugs. Investigators say a drug habit was the apparent motive behind the thefts.

Officers arrived a second time Monday night to find additional items, including a used weed eater, also taken from the business.

McNiell said several officers and county sheriff deputies assisted in the investigation, which continues this week. “There was a lot of good police work that went into this,” he said.





There was a lot of good police work that went into this.

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