City of Houston buildings will go smoke-free on Jan. 1.

All City of Houston buildings will go smoke-free on Jan 1.

The decision came Monday during a meeting of the Houston City Council.

Members of the council heard that the city’s new wastewater treatment plant should be completely online this week. Workmen are in the process of connecting three main feeder lines to the plant.

The City of Houston received $3.5 million in federal stimulus money for construction of the project.

A $1.75 million grant – along with a $1.75 million low-interest loan and another $500,000 coming from a rural sewer grant – were included in the financial package.

Additional work on sewer substations also is expected across town.

Along with a new plant, a nearby lagoon was cleaned and will be used only as a drainage basin in the event of heavy rain.

A DNR inspection occurred this week.

In other matters, members:

-Agreed with a park board recommendation to make Jim Root, parks and recreation director, a salaried employee. He previously was an hourly worker.

-Made some end-of-year adjustments to finish the 2010 budget year.



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