Officers with the Texas County Sheriff's Department handled several recent investigations.

A Houston man was arrested Saturday by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department (TCSD) on charges of third-degree assault after he reportedly hit another man in the face during a fight.

Brandon P. Duneske, 32, of 8205 Northview Lane Lot 7, received the citation after the incident, which also involved Terry White, 26, of Houston, and took place at the residence of White’s girlfriend on Mineral Drive in Houston.

When Duneske was located at a Thomasville Avenue residence, he told an investigating officer that he had gone to the woman’s residence to get a tire from White. After being arrested and taken to the TCSD office, he stated he had borrowed $20 from White and had gone to the girlfriend’s house to repay it.

The officer stated in a written report that neither Duneske nor White appeared to be telling the truth about the fight and that White and his girlfriend – who had witnessed it – changed their story several times.

The officer also stated that White was the only party involved who appeared to be injured.

The following are other incidents dealt with last week by the TCSD.

Nov. 30

–A caller reported that two people were possibly living in an abandoned trailer on Decker Road in Houston and that they had a white car. An investigating officer observed the two individuals in a white car parked in front of the trailer. The people advised the officer that they were just sitting there talking. The officer advised them to stay off the property.

Dec. 1

–A Houston man called to report someone trespassing at his Brown Hill Road residence. An investigating officer determined that nobody had trespassed, but just driven by the man’s residence a few times.

Dec. 2

–A Houston woman called to report her neighbors were on another neighbor’s property and that she didn’t think they had permission to be there. An investigating officer determined they did have permission.

–A Houston man called to report hearing some people yelling at each other near his Morton Road residence. An investigating officer found the people and determined everything was fine.

Dec. 3

–A Houston woman called to report she heard yelling next door at her Farrel Drive residence. When an investigating officer arrived, all was fine.

DFS called for assistance regarding a drug case involving a woman and her minor children. Investigating officers found no drugs at the woman’s Mineral Drive residence in Houston. But while searching for the woman, drugs were found at her sister’s Houston home where the woman reportedly frequents. The case was handled by the Houston Police Department.

–An Elk Creek woman came to the TCSD office to report that she had lost her New York state license plates while moving to Missouri.

Dec. 4

–A Houston woman called to report that her vehicle was stolen from her Reed Road residence. The woman told investigating officers that she had recovered the vehicle and that it had not been stolen.

–A Houston man called to report that his vehicle had been stolen from his Heritage Lane residence. He later called back and said the vehicle had been returned.

–The Wright County Sheriff’s Department called to ask that a Success man be picked up for questioning since he was suspected of shooting out the windows of a Wright County residence. A TCSD officer picked up the man from his Highway AN residence and transported him to the county line where a Wright County officer took him.

–A man called to report that his ex-wife had been assaulted at her Highway 17 residence in Houston. An investigating officer spoke with the woman and her boyfriend who said they had gotten into an argument but did not want to pursue charges. The officer gave the boyfriend a ride to his friend’s house.

Dec. 5

–A Cabool man reported that someone had let the air out of his vehicle’s tires at his Stillman Road residence. The man told an investigating officer he suspected a woman who he had been trying to collect money from for mechanic work he had done on her vehicle. The man stated he was pursuing the matter in civil court.

–A man called to report a theft at his cousin’s Highway 38 residence in Bucyrus. The man stated he was taking care of the residence while the owner was out of town. Reported stolen were an oil painting of ducks and an antique dresser valued at $325.

–A Licking woman called to report damage to the mailbox at her Whitlock Road residence.

–A Houston man called to report that a red and white 1992 GMC 1500 truck valued at $2,500 was stolen from his Millstone Street residence.

Texas County Jail Admissions

Nov. 29

–Robert J. Karnes, bond revoked

Nov. 30

–Stephanie S. Siegler, driving while revoked

–Eva R. Rowland, 24-hour commitment

Dec. 1

–Nicole S. Christ, speeding

–Eva R. Rowland, making false report (Wright County)

–Shaundell D. Cougar, seat belt

–Charee L. Goodwin, non-support, failure to appear

Dec. 3

–Jason W. Schulte, DWI

–Kelly M. Gordon, damaging jail property

–Ryan L. Booker, 48-hour shock

–Steven M. Counts, 10-day commitment

–Roger W. Tharp, 48-hour shock

–Wesley W. Graves, 48-hour commitment


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