A Houston woman was issued four tickets by the Houston Police Department, including one for DWI.

In an early morning incident on Tuesday, Dec. 21, Sara E. Michael, of 7444 W. Highway 17 in Houston, was issued four tickets by the Houston Police Department.

At about 5:20 a.m., an officer was dispatched to Corner Express on South Sam Houston Blvd. regarding a very intoxicated female in a gold Ford Explorer.

As the officer arrived, he observed the vehicle leave the parking lot and travel west on Highway 17.

He then pulled in behind it and noticed it weaving and twice crossing the centerline. He pulled the vehicle over and made contact with Michael, 38.

The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol and a field sobriety test was conducted. Michael had trouble maintaining her balance when she got out of her car and her eyes appeared bloodshot and watery, according to a report.

She told the officer she had consumed six beers and “a shot” earlier in the night.

After failing the sobriety test, Michael was taken to the Texas County Jail where she refused to submit to a breath test.

She was issued citations for failure to drive on the right half of the roadway, operating a motor vehicle while driver’s license revoked, failure to exhibit insurance identification card and driving while intoxicated.

Michael was also issued a state form regarding her refusal and her subsequent loss of driving privileges.

The following are other incidents involving Houston Police last week:

Dec. 1

–Shawn P. Smith, of 4495 Highway W in Mountain Grove, was issued a citation for disobeying an electric signal. At about 2:23 a.m., on officer was stopped at a red light on Holder Drive where it intersects with South Sam Houston Blvd. The officer observed a white GMC pickup directly in front of him activate its turn signal and turn onto the highway before the light had changed. After pulling the vehicle over, the officer made contact with Smith, 20, and smelled alcohol. A field sobriety test was conducted, which resulted in Smith being placed under arrest for investigation of driving while intoxicated.

Dec. 22

–Ron R. Hayes of 725 W. Highway 17 in Houston was arrested for having two active Texas County warrants. Hayes, 43, had a warrant for non-support with amount owned in excess of $5,000 and another for driving a vehicle on a highway while driver’s license revoked. He was taken to the Texas County Jail, where he soon began having chest pains. He was later taken to Texas County Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

–Jasper D. Robbins, of 8205 Northview Lane Lot 16 in Houston, was arrested for having two active warrants. At about 9:55 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the State of Missouri Probation and Parole office. The officer met with a probation officer and was told that Robbins, 22, was in the office and had the warrants. One was issued by the Springfield Police Department regarding peace disturbance. The other was issued by the Missouri Probation and Parole Office for a parole violation. Robbins was taken to the Texas County Jail.

Dec. 24

At about 4:30 p.m., Bobby Joe Kloeppel came to the Houston police station and asked if there was an active warrant for his arrest. Investigation revealed Kloeppel, 25, of 806 Augusta Ave. in Houston, had an active warrant in Miller County for second-degree burglary. Kloeppel was placed under arrest and taken to the Texas County Jail. He was unable to post $25,000 bail.

Dec. 25

George J. Wink of 16821 Highway B in Houston was issued a citation for failing to stop at a posted stop sign. At about 8:40 p.m., an officer observed a blue Ford pickup being driven by Wink, 16, turn from the Lone Star Plaza parking lot onto East Pine St. The truck began to slide on ice and Wink revved the engine and turned the steering wheel in an attempt to spin the vehicle. Wink then failed to stop completely at the intersection of Pine Street and Grand Avenue and the truck began to fishtail. When the officer stopped Wink, he was apologetic and admitted to the violation.


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