The development of this tract is planned for an industrial park.

Development of another industrial park in the City of Houston will move forward in 20011 under a $9.2 million budget document approved Monday by the Houston City Council.

The City of Houston earlier received a $700,000 grant for development of an industrial park east of the chamber fairgrounds.

Houston was approved for supplemental Community Development Block Grant disaster funding totaling $695,100. The improvements will consist of road and utility improvements to facilitate development of a new industrial park off North U.S. 63 near the chamber fairgrounds.

The city began studying the issue after lots were filled at an industrial park on North Industrial Drive.

The second location will allow additional industrial park space for business development.

Larry Sutton, Houston city administrator, said the budget calls for the installation of a water and sewer lines on the 57-acre tract and extending a line east of U.S. 63. If all goes as planned, a sewer lift station on Plainview Drive could be eliminated and property for additional development could be put in place.

Other capital expenditures in the city’s spending document for next year:

-Installation of more energy-efficient windows at Houston City Hall.

-Acquisition of a surplus highway patrol car for the city’s police department.

-Continuation of the city’s asphalt paving program, including Lilly Avenue.

-Continued housing improvements under a state repair program.

-Improvements through a grant at the Houston Memorial Airport.

-Implementation of transportation improvements around the Houston School District campus allowed under a grant obtained by the city.

-Additional work on segments of the Village Trail, a walking venue under development in Houston.

-Purchase of additional wireless meter reading equipment.

-Installation of highway lighting beginning at Miller’s Grill on South U.S. 63 and moving north.

-Work to improve acoustics at the Houston Storm Shelter, which may be transformed into a site for Houston Municipal Court.

-Repair of a sewer lift station at Indian Creek Trail and replacement of another on Hawthorn Avenue. The funds come from funds obtained as part of the community’s new wastewater treatment plant.

-Electrical expenditures for a new sewer lift station on Hamrick Avenue.

City workers will receive a 3 percent cost-of-living wage increase.

In other matters, members:

-Will study health insurance options after its rates are poised to increase 16 percent. Last year’s rate increase was about 14 percent.



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