The National Weather Service says a coating of ice may develop in Texas County.

With a Winter Weather Advisory in effect through Thursday morning for freezing drizzle and light freezing rain, the Missouri Department of Transportation urges motorists to drive with caution.

Drivers should be cautious, and be aware that roads and bridges may be slick with black ice. MoDOT employees will be monitoring roadways and bridges and treating as needed. If you are unable to stay home during a winter weather event, below are some safety tips for motorists:

—Use caution when following, passing or approaching snow removal equipment. Plows are wider than most vehicles; blowing snow may obscure portions of the plow and blade.

—Never travel beside a snowplow — they can shift sideways after hitting a drift.

—Maintain a distance of at least 100 feet around the plow. We are spreading material out the back and you don’t want to get this material on your vehicle or windshield.

—Only pass snow removal vehicles when a safe, legal, passing area is available.

—Slow down for wet, snowy, or icy conditions.

—Avoid quick braking or acceleration

—Find out about driving conditions before you go.

— Every time you travel — buckle up.

—Turn signals, brake lights and windows need to be clear of snow.

—You should never use cruise control in winter weather conditions.

According to District 9 Maintenance Superintendent Dan Sherbo, the South Central Region has been ready for winter weather since Nov. 1. “We typically prepare our equipment and supplies to be ready for an early snowfall. Our crews are trained, experienced and ready to go to get our roads safe and passable as soon as we possibly can,” said Sherbo.

The South Central District has more than 150 trucks equipped to plow snow, more than 21,000 tons of salt on hand and more than 300 employees available to battle upcoming winter storms. “Our plows, de-icing materials and employees are ready to meet the challenges this winter,” said Sherbo.


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