County authorities are investigating a rash of burglaries in western Texas County

An unusually large streak of burglaries that has recently affected eastern Wright and Douglas counties has also spilled into western Texas County.

In addition to numerous incidents being investigated by the Wright County Sheriff’s Department, Mountain Grove police and other area law enforcement agencies, Texas County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to several calls last week regarding burglaries. Authorities believe the thefts are likely related since they all have similar characteristics.

In three reports made by TCSD officers last week, an 11 1/2 inch foot print was observed at the crime scene, twice on doors that appeared to have been kicked in. The burglars involved steal firearms and electronics when available, but also take clothing, jewelry and other household goods.

Two of the incidents took place on Thursday in locations only two miles apart. The other happened on Saturday, not far from the other two.

“That stuff is still out there somewhere – it’s not in circulation,” Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson said. “I just hope whoever is doing this doesn’t break into a house they think is empty, find someone there and end up getting shot.”

Watson envisions an outbuilding that’s filling up with stolen goods.

“There are a lot of people working hard on this,” he said. “We’ll find them.”


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