The Texas County Sheriff's Department was called to handle a variety of investigations.

A Licking woman report to the Texas County Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 23 that someone had stolen her mother’s Dodge van from their Buckhollow Road residence.

The investigating officer determined that the mother had actually allowed a man to drive the vehicle and that he had wrecked it and abandoned it on Shaffer Road. The officer found the wrecked van at a towing service and there he spoke with a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper who was already working with the incident as a leaving the scene of an accident case.

The trooper told the TCSD officer that when he found the van there was blood on it. Charges are pending through the highway patrol.

The following are other matters dealt with last week by the TCSD.

Nov. 23

–A St. Louis man called to report that several items had been stolen from an outbuilding on his Ship Drive property at Licking. Some of the items reported stolen were camera testing equipment, a 250-foot extension cord, a homemade 6-volt battery charger, a blue power supply, two 6-volt tractor batteries and two metal trailer hitch basket carriers. Total value of the stolen items was reportedly $1,170.

–A Neighborhood Watch member reported paint cans on Arthur Road near Highway ZZ. An investigating officer picked up 71 cans, all old and rusty, mostly gallon size.

Nov. 24

–A Houston woman reported that on the weekend of Nov. 13 someone had damaged the mailbox at her Sutton Drive residence.

Nov. 26

–A Mountain Grove woman called to report that sometime during the previous night a vehicle unknown to her had run over the mailbox at her Gravel Point Road residence.

–A woman called to report that her recently deceased boyfriend’s daughter was trying to kick her out of her Harry Road residence. The daughter told an investigating officer that her father had no will and the property was in probate. The officer advised both parties that an eviction notice would have to be given when ownership is transferred through the probate court.

Nov. 27

–A Licking woman called to report that her 16-year old foster child had stolen her van and run away from their Boiling Springs Road residence. After receiving information from the family and an anonymous tip, the boy and the van were found in Licking. The case has been turned over to the juvenile office.

Texas County Jail Admissions

Nov. 22

–Jared L. Hill, assault third degree

–James L. Ingle, 10-day shock

–Brandon P. Prock, assault third degree (Pulaski County)

Nov. 24

–Chad R. Dishman, warrant/DWI

Nov. 25

–Leonard E. Bay, warrant (Will County Sheriff, Joliet, Ill.)

Nov. 26

–Joshua D. Frasier, 48-hour shock

–James L. Smith, non-support

–Kirk A. Owens, 48-hour commitment

–Kayla D. Baker, 48-hour commitment

Nov. 27

–Jamie L. Turner, 24-hour shock

–Arthur L. Huffman, failure to appear

–Robert F. Moore, failure to appear (City of Licking)


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