Members of the Texas County's Department handled several investigations in the last week.

While it may not be related to the string of burglaries bearing similar characteristics that recently occurred in parts of three area counties, the Texas County Sheriff’s Department received a call last week to regarding another burglary in the southwest portion of the county.

A Mountain Grove man last Sunday came to the sheriff’s department in Houston and reported that someone had stolen several items from his Dogwood Road residence.

The man stated that the stolen items included 37-inch Sylvania flat screen TV, a Nikon camera, an 18-inch Craftsman chainsaw, various tools and jewelry. He said he suspected a Mountain Grove woman in the theft and that he had seen her unloading the goods at her place of residence.

The matter was under investigation at press time.

The following are summaries of other incidents dealt with last week by the TCSD.

Dec. 21

–A Houston man came to the TCSD office and spoke with a deputy about a pistol in his possession that he did not want. The man stated he had been given the gun but did not want it in his house with his children. The gun was placed into evidence until disposal.

–A DFS representative came to the TCSD office in regards to a man who had allegedly made comments to a care worker about possibly hurting the children he cares for during days due to not being able to control his temper. Officers made contact with the man at the home of the children’s mother where he stays in a room. The man consented to a search of the room and a prescription bottle full of marijuana seeds and a plastic pipe were found. The man stated the items belonged to his nephew. The items were disposed of and no charges were filed.

Dec. 22

–A Houston woman called to report a vehicle spinning tires and making noise near her Morton Road residence.

Dec. 23

–A Houston woman called to report that her boyfriend would not let her take her child from her Oakwood Drive residence. When the investigating officer arrived, the woman said everything was fine and her boyfriend had let her take her child.

–A Licking woman called to report that she and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight at her Reed Road residence and that the boyfriend had choked her. She stated she did not wish to press charges.

Dec. 26

–An Oklahoma man called to report that copper water lines and wiring had been stolen from a home he owns on Highway NN in Texas County. The man said his Realtor had contacted him and told him of the burglary.

Texas County Jail admissions

Dec. 21

–Sara E. Michael, DWI (City of Houston)

–Alex Boyer Jr., killing wildlife illegally

–Juan Pena, Jr., probation violation, 48-hour commitment

Dec. 22

–Jasper D. Robbins, parole violation

–Ron R. Hayes, non-support

Dec. 23

–Lewis E. Morgan, driving while license revoked

–Amy Jo Gould, possession of controlled substance

–Levi A. Bittle, possession of controlled substance

–Levi N. Ladd, warrant

Dec. 24

–Bobby J. Kloeppel, Miller County hold

Dec. 25

–Brittany J. Campbell, receiving stolen property (Wright County)

–James W. Arnold, receiving stolen property (Wright County)

Dec. 26

–William R. Hawkins, possession of marijuana/controlled substance



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