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Houston’s city council last week approved increases in water and sewer fees that will be reflected on bills beginning in March.

City Administrator Larry Sutton said the base rate water will be $13.85. The cost is .219 per 100 gallons up to 25,000 gallons. The current rate, which was adopted in January 2003, is $9.50 and .20 per 100 gallons up to 25,000.

Sewer rates will increase $2 monthly.

The council-approved plan covers five years, and it will increase 3 percent annually. Sutton said the hikes bring the city’s water and sewer rates to a “break-even” point and puts Houston’s rates in line with other communities that have undertaken major improvements to their plant.

Members also approved several bids for materials:

-A $9,795 bid from Delmo Utilities was for 5,000 feet of underground wire.

-Houston’s Durham Co. won a bid for metering and electrical enclosure equipment needed for apartments overseen by the Houston Housing Authority on Chestnut Street.

-Fletcher-Reinhardt’s bid of $8,190 was accepted for transformers needed for sewer lift stations on Hawthorn and Hamrick avenues.

The board also approved plans to move its municipal court sessions to Tuesday evenings begin April 19.

Members okayed a bid from Romines Motor Co. Inc of Houston for a four-wheel drive truck to be used by workers in the incarcerated work release program. The bid – one of four presented – was $22,092.

The council adjourned to a closed session as negotiations continue for water rights to include the new northeast industrial park off North U.S. 63. Sutton reported progress.


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