A Rueger revolver belonging to a man from Parkville was recently found along the Big Piney River by a man from Licking. The gun owner had lost it in a canoeing accident last June. A Licking man turned it and some other items in at the Texas County Sheriff's Department.

Stephen King was spending a hot June day last year canoeing on the Big Piney River.

That’s nothing new, since King, of Parkville, (in Plate County, east of Kansas City), makes sure to paddle the Big Piney every year.

But this time, stormy weather descended and quickly altered the routine nature of the annual trip, as the canoe flipped and all of King’s gear ended up in the river.

He returned to the scene of the accident a few days later and recovered a bag of clothing, but another bag containing his wallet, a special handgun and ammunition was gone.

Brady Shepherd of Licking recently paddled through the same area and found what King had lost. Shepherd turned the items in at the Texas County Sheriff’s Department.

When he lost it, King’s wallet contained several credit cards and $70 cash, all of which was still there after it turned it over to the TCSD. But more importantly to King, also still there was his Muscogee Indian Citizen Card.

“That’s what he was most concerned about,” Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson said. “He said it couldn’t be replaced.”

The Rueger Blackhawk .357 revolver (200th anniversary of American liberty edition) recovered by Shepherd was also important to King, having lots of sentimental value.

“It’s in pretty bad shape after being in the river so long,” Watson said. “But he’s planning on having it restored and it should be as good as new when he does.”

King said he wanted Shepherd to have the $70 cash.

“He was very appreciative that someone was honest enough to bring the stuff in,” Watson said.

After being contacted about his reward, Shepherd stopped by the TCSD the next day to collect. King said he should be stopping by the TCSD office in a week or so to get his items back.



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