Jason Woosley, whose bond was set at 00,000 following an incident at Summersville.

Deputies from the Texas County Sheriff’s Department responded to two calls early this week involving unlawful use of firearms in the Summersville area.

The pair of incidents kicked off with a dangerous scenario that ended with 32-year-old Jason Woolsey, of 1909 Jacks Fork Road in Summersville, being arrested early Monday morning.

When dispatch received a call about a domestic disturbance near Arroll, TCSD deputies Dusty Jones and Zach Jones responded.

Upon their arrival, the woman involved had injuries but indicated that she didn’t want to prosecute.

A family member who had been with Woolsey from about noon the previous day to 3 a.m. stated that Woolsey had been drinking and appeared to be intoxicated.

As Zach Jones was attempting to station his vehicle in the area to ensure no further conflict occurred, he observed a man wearing camouflage lying near a ditch holding a long gun.

After numerous commands, the man – Woolsey – stood up and left the rifle on the ground. At that point the officers observed a large pistol in a holster on Woolsey’s side. After another series of commands, Woolsey finally dropped the holster, but would not put his hands on his head or away from his sides.

Zach Jones then deployed his Taser and wrestled with Woolsey, who repeatedly yelled he wanted to kill the officer.

While handcuffs were placed on Woolsey, Dusty Jones removed a loaded revolver from Woolsey’s back waistline. While Zach Jones patted him down, he removed a loaded semi-automatic pistol from Woolsey’s front pants pocket.

Woolsey was transported to the Texas County Jail and charged with the felonies of unlawful use of a weapon while intoxicated, unlawful use of a weapon – concealed (two counts); resisting arrest and armed criminal action.

“He knew we were on the way,” Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson said. “We’re not really sure what his intentions were. But at four in the morning with what had already taken place, who knows what his state of mind was at the time.”

A breathalyzer test was performed on Woolsey about two hours after he was jailed. He tested .064.

Woolsey’s bond was set at $500,000.

“This is the type of case I worry about every day,” Watson said. “But both deputies did a very good job; they both restrained themselves and took a lot of abuse.

“And with the grace of God they’re still alive.”

Last year, TCSD officers responded to 132 domestic incidents.

“We do this kind of thing all the time,” Watson said. “But you never know.”

Watson also said more charges are pending in the case regarding tampering with evidence, as one of the witnesses to Woolsey’s arrest reportedly carried away his guns and later denied knowing what guns were involved.

The gun theme in Summersville continued Monday night, when Michael Briggs, 32, of Summersville, was arrested and taken to the Texas County Jail at about 10:40 p.m. after another domestic incident earlier in the evening. Briggs, already well known by local law enforcement, was arrested by officer Josh Ashlock of the Summersville Police Department and charged with unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action.

The incident drew response from four different agencies, including Summersville police, the Shannon County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol and the TCSD.

A juvenile was reportedly also involved in the incident and was taken home.

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