Georgia is a two-year-old female Lemon Beagle mix who is a graduate of the Healing Paws program sponsored by The Animal Shelter of Texas County (TASTC). Healing Paws is an offshoot of a Missouri Department of Corrections program known as ‘Puppies for Parole’ in which inmates known as “offender handlers” care for and train rescued dogs at prisons throughout the state.

Georgia was originally found as a stray in Plato and came to the shelter starving, skinny and skittish.

After spending over a year at the shelter and once being adopted and returned, she was enrolled in Healing Paws and went through the eight-week program at the South Central Correctional Center in Licking.

She graduated with a calm, focused and respectful demeanor and now lives happily at the home of Thelma T. Moore in Houston.

“I love her,” Moore said. “She’s a wonderful dog and she’s very protective of me.”

In this video clip shot in Moore’s residence with TASTC manager Marsha Martin, Georgia shows how she can now perform several tricks.

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