A Houston man received four citations after fleeing from an officer into a neighborhood, authorities said. 

Nick M. Jones, 19, of 18100 Highway B in Houston, was arrested on several charges by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department following an incident at his home just before 1 a.m. Monday, Feb. 1.

An officer was dispatched to the residence when a call came into the TCSD office regarding a domestic dispute.

When the officer arrived, he observed several items of drug paraphernalia in Jones’ bedroom and also determined that Jones had been the primary aggressor in the dispute.

The officer told Jones he was under arrest on charges of domestic assault and possession of drug paraphernalia. Jones resisted arrest, but was finally secured and taken to the Texas County Jail.

Once there, a blood alcohol test was administered.

Jones was issued citations for minor in possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest. He was held for 12 hours and released. His court date is May 11.

The following are other incidents dealt with last week by the TCSD.

Jan. 31

–A call was received regarding two “starving” dogs at a Morton Road residence in Houston. An officer observed two dogs that appeared to be in poor health and malnourished. The officer stated that neither dog had food, water or adequate shelter and that a dead cat was observed lying on the ground.

The officer was unable to make contact with the pets’ female owner. Photographs were taken of the animals and their living conditions.

The officer stated that the owner would be questioned once she was located.

Feb. 2

–A Raymondville man called to report that several items with a total value of $2,405 had been stolen from his Junction Street property on Jan. 31 and that he had located them at a scrap metal business.

The man stated that stolen items included a couple of car motors, several car parts and some copper wire.

The scrap metal business produced a receipt with two names on it.

The man indicated he did wish to pursue charges. The investigating officer stated he would contact the suspects when road conditions allowed.

–A Mountain Grove woman called to report that on Jan. 31 an unknown person had tried to break into her Country Aire Lane residence at about 11:30 p.m.

An investigating officer observed significant damage to the wooden frame around the door where the person had reportedly tried to break in.

The woman stated that she had yelled at the person and said she had a gun, and that the person had then left. She said she didn’t want the incident investigated, just documented.

–A Cabool woman called to report that someone was hot-wiring her vehicle at her Country Aire Lane residence.

When an officer arrived, the woman said that no one was actually hot-wiring her vehicle, but she wanted a deputy at her residence when she left since her boyfriend was inside and didn’t want her to leave.

The woman and the officer went inside; she gathered her belongings and the officer advised the boyfriend she was leaving.

The officer told the woman that she should not have made a false report, but just told the truth when she called the TCSD office.

Texas County Jail admissions

Jan. 31

–Loyd Decker Jr., burglary, second degree; and arson, second degree

Feb. 2

–Bradley D. Curry, failure to appear, driving while license revoked

–Kenneth R. Brooks, Jr., driving while license revoked

–Leota D. Webber, 24-hour hold

Feb. 4

–Logan J.W. Schuster, DWI

–Jared D. Grogan, 48-hour commitment

–Jamie R. Feringa, drug court violation

Feb. 5

–Joshua D. Stevens, failure to appear, speeding

–Nathaniel C. Nester, property damage, first degree, theft over $500

–Michel P. Cooper, property damage, first degree, theft more than $500

Feb. 6

–Ashely F. Garrett, DWI

–Pamela S. Hale, failure to appear, reducing material


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