Deputies with the Texas County Sheriff's Department were called to several investigations during the last week.

Tiffany L. Fretueg, 18, of 8205 Northview St., Apt. 19, Houston, was issued a citation Tuesday, Feb. 8 by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department on charges of animal abuse/failure to keep adequate control of a dog after her animal reportedly bit a neighbor.

The neighbor, a 43-year-old woman, called the TCSD office at about 6:10 p.m. indicating that she had been bitten by a neighbor’s dog.

She told an investigating officer that when a friend had dropped her off at her residence, Freteug’s brown pit bull began chasing her and bit her on the left leg. She stated she grabbed a mop from the porch and hit the dog, causing it to leave.

She also said the dog had attempted to bite her before, and she was afraid it might bite her child.

The officer reported it showed its teeth at him during his investigation.

Freteug told the officer she understood why she was being cited and would be getting rid of the dog.

The following are other incidents dealt with last week by the TCSD.

Feb. 7

–A Cabool woman called to report a burglary at a Cessna Road residence.

The woman, whose sister owns the property, told an investigating officer that her brother had been living there until he died a few days earlier and that she had since been feeding and watering his dog. She stated that the landlord had told her to remove all of her brother’s items from the residence because “the neighbors will steal everything.”

She said she came to the residence on Feb. 6 and several items were missing, including a large TV, a Playstation 3 and some video games, and some sleeping bags. The total value of the items was estimated at $1,550.

The officer observed that no forced entry into the home had apparently been made.

The woman told the officer that as far as she knew, only she, her brother and the landlord had keys to the residence.

–A Houston man called to report that some people were at his Brushy Creek Road residence and would not leave. An investigating officer determined they could not leave because their vehicle was stuck in snow.

Feb. 8

–A call was received regarding animals left outside at a Mineral Drive residence in Houston. When an officer arrived, the dogs were inside and the owner said they had just gone out for a while to go to the bathroom.

Feb. 9

–An Elk Creek woman called to report that someone was trying to break into her home.

She told an investigating officer that she heard sound coming from the bathroom like someone was trying to break in.

The officer did not observe tracks in the snow outside the residence.

Feb. 14

–An officer reported that two women involved in a domestic dispute Feb. 6 would each be issued citations and charged with third-degree assault.

Receiving the citations were Shawna Morgan, 33, of 19526 McColgan Road in Raymondville, and Tabitha Gore, 32, of 712 N. Grand Ave. in Houston.

The incident took place at Morgan’s residence just before midnight.

Gore, who was reportedly intoxicated, began arguing with Morgan and Morgan ended up throwing a bottle at her. During the incident, Gore reportedly struck her daughter, who was also at Morgan’s residence, in the face and back of the head, according to a report.

Both women were given a court date of March 16.

Texas County Jail admissions

Feb. 7

–Anthony C. White, driving while license revoked

Feb. 8

–Michelle C. Marr, DWI (City of Houston)

Feb. 9

–Cole A. Romines, Howell County hold

–Diana L. Foster, driving while license revoked, possession of controlled substance

Feb. 11

–Jared D. Grogan, 48-hour commitment

–Robert B. Green, child neglect

Feb. 13

–Larry D. Brashears, writ

–Tina H. Dodd, Howell County hold

–Eddie F. Day, no operator’s license (City of Houston)

–Jake W. Pickerd, failure to register vehicle


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