A Summersville man reported that another resident there had duct taped a third man and took him to Rolla.

A man called the Texas County Sheriff’s Department to report that a  Summersville man had taken another resident there against his will, authorities said.

The caller stated that all three were at the Gist Ranch in eastern Texas County and that he and the third man were going to fight over a family problem. The second man then reportedly duct taped the third man’s hands and feet together, put him in a truck and drove off with him.

The third man stated that when he asked the second man why he was doing this to him, the man said he believed the other had stolen a handgun from him and that he knew he had a warrant in Iowa, and he was going to take him there to turn him in.

They reportedly made it to Rolla, where the second man stopped to get both something to eat. He then turned back and took the man home.

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