The Herald’s fourth annual NASCAR Challenge begins this weekend.

The free, online game challenges users to predict the top 10 finishers of each race. They are awarded points based on the accuracy of their predictions compared to the NASCAR results. Bonus points are awarded for selecting a driver in the place they finish. The user’s top 15 scores from the entire season will count toward the final standings.

A new feature this year allows users to sign in with their Facebook account. Users can also play on their smart phone.

How the scoring works: Drivers are awarded fantasy points depending on how they finish in a race. 1st place is worth 150, 2nd place is worth 125, 3rd place is worth 100, 4th place is worth 80, 5th place is worth 78, and so on (less 2 points each place). 44th place and beyond are worth 0 points. There is an additional 25 point bonus for every driver that comes in the exact order you pick them to finish.

Each week’s top 10 finishers and the overall top 10 from the standings will be published weekly in the Houston Herald.

The contest is sponsored by Forbes’ Pharmacy, Corner Express, Stockard Insurance and Pit Stop.


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