A dog sitter from the St. Louis area took the animal to Hartshorn - it hasn't been seen since.

Last July, St. Louis resident Lisa Willie left town with her husband Steve and their four children for a two-week vacation in Florida. When taking similar trips in the past, they have taken their dog Annie with them, but this time they hired a sitter because of the length of time they would be gone.

While in charge of Annie, the sitter took her to Shannon County to attend a party in the Hartshorn area, but the dog went missing.

Annie is a black, 17-pound cockapoo (half cocker spaniel and half poodle) that turned 11 Saturday. The Willies are offering a $3,000 reward for her return.

They have been determined in their effort to locate Annie, even hiring a private investigator.

“Please believe me when I say we have done everything under the sun to find my precious Annie,” Willie said. “We are still grieving and will not stop looking for her. She is everything to our family.”

Whenever she has had enough free time, Lisa has headed south to look for Annie. For a while, she concentrated her efforts in the Summersville area, but she said she now has reason to believe Annie may be with someone in Texas County, possibly 10-15 miles west of Hartshorn.

“I have been searching and searching down there, walking the streets, handing out flyers and doing everything I can think of,” she said. “I put it in newspapers in the area, and called every forest ranger, school and everywhere else. I know for a fact someone down there has her – and they know I’m looking for her, but they’ve gotten attached to her.”

Anyone who has information or a possible lead about the whereabouts of Annie can call her at 314-348-2034.



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