Deputies with the Texas County Sheriff's Department were called to a variety of calls in the last week.

A Cabool woman called the Texas County Sheriff’s Department on March 19 to report that a camo-colored 2007 Kawasaki 750 ATV valued at $10,000 had been stolen from her Pointer Road residence.

The woman told an investigating officer that she suspected a high-school age boy. She stated that he was a friend of her son and that he had told her son that he and his friends had been stealing ATVs lately.

The woman provided a copy of the ATV’s title.

March 16

–An officer investigated a report that trash had been dumped on Sand Shoals Road, but he found no trash there.

March 17

–A Plato woman called to report that someone was trying to kick in the basement door of her Plato Drive residence. An investigating officer found nobody around, and no damage done to the door.

–A Houston woman called to report people fighting near her Tiffany Drive residence. An investigating officer found no one.

March 18

–A call was received from the Houston Police Department regarding someone around the Frito Lay storage units on North U.S. 63. An investigating officer found nobody present, but found a note attached to a unit asking the delivery man to call if he had any out-of-date chips.

–A Houston woman called to report that her daughter had been bitten by a neighbor’s dog at her Friendship Street residence.

An officer made contact with the animal’s owner who said they had already separated the animal and would notify the TCSD if any changes were detected in it.

–An officer responded to a call regarding two large cows loose on Highway Z. The owner was contacted and assisted in getting the cows back where they belonged.

March 19

–An officer responded to a 911 call regarding an alarm going off at a U.S. 63 residence in Licking. The officer found no problem, but noted in his report that TCSD have in the past gone to the same home for the same reason and that dogs continue to set it off.

–A Houston woman called to report that her 19-year old son would not listen to her related to rules to live at her Mason Street residence. An officer advised the son that if he didn’t like the rules, he could move out, get a job and support himself.

–A Houston man called to report that a neighbor woman drives slowly past his Ray Road home all the time. An officer made contact with the woman and she stated she was driving slowly because she had just washed her car.

–Just after 5 a.m., a Bucyrus woman called 911 to report that she was being assaulted by her husband at their Highway 17 residence.

Two officers responded to the call and the woman told them that when she and her husband arrived home from work at about 5 a.m., they began arguing about her pants.

She also stated that they were having problems and were in the process of separating.

The man denied hitting the woman, but was taken (with his approval) to the Texas County Jail for a 12-hour cooling off period.

Texas County Jail admissions

March 14

–Robert W. Hunter, 72-hour hold

–Randall S. Shafer, 12-hour commitment

–Shelly J. Shafer, 12-hour commitment

–Harvey D. Carter, DWI (City of Houston)

–Brandon E. Johnson, forgery

March 15

–Shelly J. Shafer, 12-hour commitment

–Christopher R. Giller, failure to appear, assault third degree

–Amanda M. Keller, stealing under $500

March 16

–Cody R. Bradshaw, 48-hour shock

–Charles Lee, driving while license revoked

–Shelly J. Shafer, 12-hour commitment

March 17

–Amy L. Bowling, Wright County hold

–Henry G. Weismann, 24-hour commitment

March 18

–Andre L. Ward, Johnson County hold

–Kerry D. Brooks, 48-hour commitment

–Hank L. Loman, 48-hour commitment

–Alethea P. Stemick, 48-hour commitment

–Donald L. Stewart, 48-hour commitment

March 19

–Justin L. Barton, DWI

March 20

–Kevin J. Diggan, Taney County hold

–Justin B. Williams, receiving stolen property


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