Citizens reminded of yard sale policy

Now that March is here and temperatures are rising, Police Chief Jim McNiell reminds residents of Houston that there are important guidelines to follow regarding the posting of yard sale advertising signage within city limits.

The rules concerning the city ordinance on yard sale signs are outlined on a permit citizens need to fill out and sign, which is obtainable free at city hall.

They are:

-Signs are to be placed in City of Houston street right of way only. Signs are not allowed in any state highway median or right of way.

-Signs are not to be placed on the street side of any sidewalk or the street side of any ditch where there is no sidewalk.

-No cardboard boxes are allowed.

-No signs are permitted to be attached to any utility poles or city sign poles.

-Signs may be placed not more than two days before the sale and must be removed on or before the last day of the sale.

-Yard sales may not be longer than two days duration.

-A maximum of four sales per location are permitted in any calendar year.

Violations of rules are subject to a $25 fine per offense. Permissible signs may be purchased at Houston City Hall for 50 cents apiece.

McNiell said that his department’s usual procedure in dealing with signs in violation of city policy is to simply remove them.

“Then there goes all of someone’s effort and their advertising just because they didn’t follow the rules,” he said.

One of the bigger problems the city faces with regard to yard sale signs is people failing to take them down.

“There’s nothing more aggravating than when someone does everything legal, has their yard sale and then never goes back and retrieves their signs,” McNiell said. “Then before you know it, the shoulders of our roads are cluttered up and they look terrible.

“We’re doing this primarily to help keep our city beautified. We’re just encouraging people to abide by a few simple rules and have a good yard sale. If they’ll do that, our city will continue to look nice.”

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