Houston police say they will not tolerate fighting like this one that occurred in downtown Houston and was posted on the Internet.

Several fights involving high school age kids have recently taken place within Houston’s city limits.

The incidents are often being digitally recorded by onlookers and posted on YouTube.

Police Chief Jim McNiell said his department hasn’t been lenient to fight participants and won’t be in the future.

“We have no tolerance for these actions,” McNiell said. “We’ve been writing them tickets, and we’ll continue to do so.

“Apparently theses kids are deciding to settle their differences by fighting, but we’re just not going to put up with them acting stupid and disturbing the peace.”

One such scuffle featuring male Houston High School students was staged after school last Wednesday in the downtown park on Grand Avenue. Another between female students happened the following day at the Mineral Springs river access.

“They shouldn’t be doing this anywhere,” McNiell said, “but they’ll find it’s a particularly bad idea to do it in city limits, because we’re going to ticket them.”

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