A Houston man received four citations after fleeing from an officer into a neighborhood, authorities said. 

Texas County sheriff’s deputies handled several investigations during the last week.

They are:

–A Raymondville man reported someone had driven a vehicle onto his yard and left deep impressions at his Highway 137 residence.

–A Licking woman said someone was trespassing on her neighbor’s property on Shipp Drive. An investigating officer spoke to the people in question and determined they were the owners of the property.

–A Plato man called to repor three people were stealing on his Highway M property. The man told an investigating officer that the people were renting from him and that he was going to hold their property until they paid him money they owed. The officer advised the man that he could not do that since it was a civil matter. The renters were gone when the officer arrived.

–A Cabool man said someone has cut a strap and stolen a large tarp from the semi trailer that was parked near his Country Aire Lane residence.

–A Licking man reported that someone had broken into his U.S. 63 residence through a window but that nothing was taken. The man stated that there have now been similar three break-ins there.

The man told an investigating officer that he had seen a woman looking into his windows in the morning and had gone after her, but she left in a white vehicle.

The man gave the officer a description of the woman and vehicle, which were then provided to the Licking Police Department.

–A Houston woman called to report that a man had come to her Piney Drive residence and said he was the father of the child the woman’s dog had bitten six months ago. She stated that he yelled at her and then left.

–A Willow Springs woman said that a gas regulator had been stolen from her propane tank. She stated that she recently switched gas companies and that when a representative of the company she was leaving came to pick up their tank, the regulator was also taken.

–An officer reported that on Feb. 28 a Bucyrus man called to report a burglary at his Plum Valley Road residence. The man stated that numerous items of an undetermined value had been stolen, including elk teeth, a glass arrowhead and jewelry. The man also said he suspected a neighbor’s boy in the theft.

–An officer reported that on Feb. 28 a Success man came to the TCSD office to report that several items had been stolen from his Paddy Creek Road residence. The man said the stolen articles included two guns worth $500, two chain saws valued at $650 and a canoe worth $800. The total value of the stolen goods was reportedly $2,130.

The man said that he believed another man’s cousin may have been the thief and that he may have traded the goods to a Roby man for narcotics.

–A Roby man and his wife called to report that their grandson, a homeless Springfield man, was trespassing on their Highway 17 property. They told an investigating officer that they have told their grandson repeatedly that he is not welcome on their property, but that he comes in the house and into their outbuildings anyway.

The officer spoke to the grandson and written statements were taken and a video made. The report was to be forwarded to the county prosecutor for charges.

–A Licking woman came to the TCSD office to report that four checks had been stolen in 2007 from her Highway CC residence. The woman stated that the checks had been filled out and passed by a man and his girlfriend in 2007, 2008 and 2009. The officer involved noted in his report that the statute of limitations for theft of the checks had expired.

–A 49-year-old Licking woman came to the TCSD office to report that a 28-year-old Licking man had forged her name to have it removed from a vehicle title.


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