A Houston native has penned a book about his uncle's World War II service.

A Houston native Vaughn Skaggs, a resident of Springfield, has authored a book about his uncle, “Food under Fire, Noel Peters’ World Ward II Journey.”

Skaggs recently penned the book about untold events of his favorite uncle’s wartime experience. Skaggs, who recently retired from 32 years of public service with the U.S. Department of Army and Office of Personnel Management, is the son of the late Dr. Virgil Skaggs, a Houston veterinarian, and late Helen Peters Skaggs, a former secretary to the Houston Elementary School principal.

The story highlights the World War II journey of Peters as he made his way through the deserts of North Africa, the mountain of Sicily, the beaches of France and the forests of Germany.

“Peters was the product of a strong family as he grew to manhood during the Great Depression,” writes Skaggs. “After much sacrifice and effort he became a teacher and was pursuing a career when our country was embroiled in World War II. Noel was soon drafted and found himself serving as a mess sergeant with the elite 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division.”

Skaggs said the 183-page book demonstrates the values that were necessary to endure in a dangerous and deadly environment while Peters and crew worked to deliver hot meals to troops.

“Not only was this about man vs. man; in many instances it was about man vs. nature. It was about courage and toughness. It was about will. It was about leadership,” Skaggs writes.

To order a copy of the book send $12 (which includes shipping) to: Vaughn Skaggs, 803 E. Lakewood St., Springfield, Mo. 65810.



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