Texas County voters will soon receive voter registration cards in the mail. 

City of Cabool

Alderman – Ward I

Ed Jarrett

Jerry Driskell

City of Houston

Alderman – Ward II

Charles “Chalky” Wells

Phillip T. Meyer

Alderman – Ward III

David Arthur

David “Mike” Impey

City of Summersville


Hugh “Bud” Anderson

Leroy Wells


(Two to elect)

Richard Nelson

Jeremy R. Russell

Gwen E. Anderson

Larry D. Grogan

Carroll Township

Board members

(Two to elect)

Junior King

Hugh “Bud” Anderson

Earnest Clark

Clinton Township

Board members

(Vote for two)

Danny Nungesser

Robert Forbes

William J. Plomteaux

Lynch Township


Mary Ellen Higashi

Carolyn Campbell

Board members

(Vote for two)

John A. Jackson

Don Kern

Sam J. Elliott

Kenneth Campbell

Summersville board of education

(Vote for three)

Melinda Odom

Jeff Atchison

Kevin Patton

Seaman Don Mahan

Leroy Wells

Keith Keller

Jimmy Buschmann

Billy J. Duncan

Dustin Cooper

Steve Craig



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