Gov. Jay Nixon

Gov. Jay Nixon on Friday night declared a state of emergency in Missouri in response to severe weather that began earlier that evening.

The weather system involved tornadoes and high winds and has caused significant damage to communities and facilities across Missouri, including Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Personnel at the State Emergency Management Agency have been communicating with local law enforcement and emergency responders and tracking the storms as they have moved across Missouri.

The orders activates the State Emergency Management Plan, which allows state agencies to assist local jurisdictions with their emergency response.

Initial reports indicate that these storms have resulted in injuries and significant widespread damage in several communities, especially in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport has suspended operations because of damage there.

Missourians who need disaster information, shelter information or referrals are urged to call 211. The 211 service number is now available for most areas in Missouri. In areas where the 211 number is not operational, citizens can call 800-427-4626. Weather and emergency information also are available on the state of Missouri’s website,

State agencies that can be activated for duty under the governor’s order include: Missouri Department of Public Safety, State Emergency Management Agency, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri State Water Patrol, Division of Fire Safety, Department of Agriculture, Department of Conservation, Department of Corrections, Department of Health and Senior Services, Department of Mental Health, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Social Services, Department of Transportation and the Office of Administration.

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