Two framed pieces of embroidery work done by Susan Geer of Yukon hang on the wall at the Houston Welcome Center.

The Houston Area Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Houston Association have teamed up in a program that will spotlight work done by local artists and services and products offered by local businesses.

The plan involves having display cases in the Houston Welcome Center contain items and information provided by area artists and chamber-member businesses. The idea is to periodically change who and what is on display.

For a small fee, 18 chamber member businesses have signed up to rotate displays through the end of the year.

“It’s adding a member benefit for the folks who help support us,” Chamber Director Sharon Horbyk said.

The first artwork display featured items of embroidery and quilting created by Yukon resident Susan Geer.

Geer is an accomplished embroidery expert with 40 years of experience who grew up in the Hamptons on Long Island, N.Y., and earned a fine arts degree at Mount Wachusett College in Gardner, Mass.

She went on to develop and improve her embroidery skills and learn about the history of embroidery techniques at Petersham Cultural Center in Petersham, Mass., and at the American Institute of Textile Arts at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Mass.

After completing her education, Geer spent several years teaching and lecturing about embroidery technique and history. One of her pieces done in crewel technique (which incorporates wool yarn) was selected to represent the state of Massachusetts at a national event in Florida. The large framed item is part of the Welcome Center display.

Geer said she doesn’t sell her completed works.

“The ones I don’t still have were mostly given away,” she said. “Most of the pieces on display (at the welcome center) were used in my class so when I was telling people about how to do something, they could see what exactly it was like.”

Associations Geer is a member of include the Embroidery Guild Association in Massachusetts, the River Valley Embroidery Guild Association in Connecticut, the Piney Art League in Houston and the Tuesday Ladies at the Texas County Museum of Art in Licking.

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