Cabool neighbors reported May 21 to the county sheriff's department that a dog was creating havoc in their area.

A Cabool man called to report his neighbor’s dog loose on his Berry Road property.

The man told an investigating officer that he and three neighbors have been having problems for some time with a woman’s red boxer harassing animals on their properties. He stated that the day before the dog had been after some of his cows.

The officer spoke to a female Berry Road resident who stated that on May 11 she had come home from town and seen the dog attacking one of her calves. She said she started screaming and the dog ran off, but the calf died a short time later.

Another Berry Road woman told the officer she has had problems with the same dog bothering her goats.

The officer spoke to a male resident of nearby Orchard Road who stated that the dog had been circling and barking at one of his calves that was in a pool of water and that the calf had visible bites on its face.

The woman who reportedly owns the dog told the officer she no longer had it because she had given it away. The officer advised her that the woman who lost a calf had said she would not press charges if her calf were paid for. The dog owner reportedly replied that the other woman would have to take her to court.

The report was to be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

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