A Fort Leonard Wood soldier was sentencing in a county child porn case. 

Texas County government is seeking nearly $9,000 in fees against the plaintiff of a lawsuit that was recently confidentially settled in federal court in Springfield.

Texas County is seeking a judgment against Monica Hutchison after it was earlier released from a lawsuit filed by her against two parties, county government and Texas County Prosecutor Michael Anderson. The case was settled March 30 just before it was to be aired in a Springfield courtroom. Hutchison, a former administrative assistant, claimed malicious prosecution, abuse of process concerning a subpoena and a civil lawsuit, emotional distress and a hostile work environment.

In a filing last week, the county is asking a federal judge to assess $8,870 to Hutchison to reimburse it for clerk and court reporter fees, printing and for witnesses. The county has a separate lawsuit concerning about $140,000 in legal fees that it says should have been paid by its insurance carrier.

U.S. District Judge Richard Dorr also last week ordered Anderson to pay $24,949 to Hutchison for costs she incurred for such things as transcripts of depositions and copies.


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