Gathered by the Houston Housing Authority's new raised gardens are, from left, residents Ginger Walker, Sherry Buck (and Gigi) and Pat Carle, maintenance man Jerry Bathon and executive director Anita Kennedy.

Residents of Houston Housing Authority apartments now have the option of doing some gardening during growing season, as a group of raised gardens has been added to the grounds.

Constructed by HHA maintenance man Jerry Bathon, the garden beds are made from railroad ties and are filled with rock for drainage topped by a thick layer of rich, dark soil.

HHA executive director Anita Kennedy provided seeds of numerous types of vegetables and flowers, and several residents are committed to caring for them as they grow.

“This is going to be a great way for some of our residents to get outside and do something that involves exercise and fresh air,” Kennedy said. “And we built them above-ground so the people tending to them wouldn’t have to stoop and bend very much.

“I think this is going to be a great addition for us.”


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