The city council will change its meeting start time following action on Monday.

Houston Mayor Don Tottingham made several appointments during a long meeting Monday night at Houston City Council.

They are: Larry Sutton, city administrator; Tonya Foster, city clerk; Brad Eidson, city attorney; Jim McNiell, police chief; John Garrabrant, municipal judge; Don Rust, fire chief; Sharon Horbyk, city treasurer; and Arthur Thomas, emergency management director.

Industrial Development Authority (six-year appointment), Eric Wells, 2015; Tom Dunn, 2012; Brad Eidson, 2012; Carl Honeycutt, 2013; and Brad Rees, 2013.

Houston Park Board (three-year appointment), Gayla Bratton, 2014; Brent Hall, 2014; Bobby Elmore, 2014; John Jordan, 2013; Butch Castleman, 2013; Sheila Walker, 2013; Rhonda Neal, 2012; Jerry Elliott, 2012; Scott Gettys, 2012; and Leroy Motzkus, alternate.

Houston Planning and Zoning Commission (four-year appointment), Carl Honeycutt, 2015; Steve Hutcheson, 2015; Willie Johnson, 2014; Rita Ruckert, 2014; Sharon Sillyman, 2013; Joe Stockard, 2013; Charles Shea, 2013; Angie Gettys, 2013; and Tottingham and Sutton.

Houston Board of Adjustment (five-year appointment), Gene Gentry, 2016; John Stenger, 2015; Bill Nichols, 2014; Mike Wise, 2013; and Bonnie McElroy, 2012.


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