The Houston board of education will seek bids for several items for the next school year.

Members of the Houston board of education on Monday began making plans for the upcoming school year by seeking bids and reviewing a preliminary budget.

The board approved seeking quotes for next year on milk, bread, propane, fuel, paper and pest control.

Preliminary figures were presented to the board in preparation for approving a budget in June. Along with those figures, the district’s Salary and Welfare Committee presented some suggestions for next year.

The board also approved raising the stipend received by non-certified staff for perfect attendance during the school year from $200 to $500. This now matches what certified personnel receive.

The board approved health insurance rates for employees next year. The rates went down by a few cents per person per month, but at the same time the policy deductible doubled from $500 to $1,000.

In other matters, a new policy concerning the use of seclusion and restraint with students was adopted. The policy place limits and sets criteria for the use of seclusion or restraints and requires specific training for any personnel who is likely to be involved in their use.


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