Officers responded early Saturday to a report of a fight at a downtown bar in Houston.

Several Houston police officers responded to a fight involving multiple people at the Office Bar in Houston at 1:45 a.m. Saturday.

Two men were subsequently issued citations for peace disturbance by fighting: Jason W. Schulte, 36, of 643 Plainview Drive in Houston, and Lee A. Rebert, 31, of Springfield.

As the men were being taken out of the building, officers advised them to stop yelling and cursing at each other. Rebert did not comply and was also issued a citation for failure to obey a law officer.

The incident, according to a police report, reportedly began when Schulte came to the bar to confront a third man and sucker-punched him where he was sitting. Rebert reportedly then punched Schulte a few times before several people held Schulte so the third man could take a swing at him.

The third man had apparently fled the scene before officers arrived.

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