The Houston Police Department recently issued a trio of tickets to a Houston teen.

The Houston Police Department recently issued Joshua A. Laster, 19, of 903 Bryan St. in Houston, two citations for stealing under $500 and one for minor in possession of alcohol.

Laster was cited for minor in possession after an officer responded to a report of an intoxicated minor at 903 Bryan St. at about 9:30 p.m. May 21.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke to a man and a woman in the front yard who stated that Laster was inside and very drunk. The officer found him under a bed and took him outside to a patrol car where a portable breath test was conducted.

The officer had been told that Laster had stolen the alcohol from Walmart. On May 23, the officer went to the store and observed surveillance video that showed Laster placing two bottles of alcohol into his pants and then leaving the store without paying. Later that day, the officer made contact with Laster and cited him for stealing the liquor.

While Laster was in the patrol car, the officer noticed he was wearing a new pair of boots. During questioning, Laster admitted he had stolen them from Walmart, too, and he received another citation for stealing.

He also stated that his cousin had stolen a pair of boots at the same time, and the officer later made contact with the cousin at his residence. Dalton J. Smith, 19, of 115 South Oak Crest in Houston, admitted to stealing boots and was issued a citation for stealing under $500.


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