Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson

Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson will speak about burglaries and break-ins at neighborhood watch meetings around the county this month.

Watson said his primary intention is to share ideas with citizens regarding what they can do to help curb burglary and what to do if they encounter a burglar.

While statistics show that the sheriff’s department has actually dealt with 14 fewer burglary incidents in 2011 than during the same period in 2010, Watson said the issue has nevertheless been on his heart of late.

“We’ve had these two big cases recently, with burglaries at several residences,” he said. “We got a man and the woman who were responsible, so they’re history. But I just feel like this is a good time for this.”

Watson said he’ll offer simple reminders of procedures that are always a good idea, like keeping houses and vehicles locked, not leaving wallets, purses and medications in cars, and getting license plate numbers from suspicious vehicles.

“And there’s one thing we always have trouble with in the summer, but I’m sure it will be worse this year,” Watson said, “and that’s fuel thefts from tractors out in fields. Don’t make it easy; keep the tractor away from the road.

“I’ll be talking about a lot of things like that; a lot of it is just safety tips people have heard over and over, but we’ll be letting them know again.”

Nine different areas in Texas County hold monthly neighborhood watch group meetings that are overseen by part-time TCSD deputy and retired state trooper Glenn Willson, who typically arranges for a guest speaker at each one.

“It’s good for the county, and we’ve gotten some good information out of some of these meetings,” Watson said.


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