County deputies handled several calls during the last week.

The following are incidents responded to last week by TCSD officers.

April 27

–A Rolla man called to report the theft of several items from his niece’s Highway C residence near Licking.

The man stated that he had been checking on the woman’s property while she was away and noticed some fishing poles, an ice chest, some wire, and a barbecue grill missing from a barn. Total value of the items was reportedly $571.

–An officer responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on a Highway M property about 1.5 miles north of Business 60. The officer determined that the property belonged to the family of the woman driving the vehicle.

–A Houston woman complained about loud music coming from a Morton Road residence at about 12:15 a.m.

It had stopped by the time an investigating officer arrived.

–A Houston woman called to report that her 12-year-old daughter was missing from their Reed Road residence. An officer determined that the daughter had gone for a walk and had returned home.

April 29

–An officer went to a residence on Shipp Drive in Licking regarding a possible domestic dispute. The officer spoke to the man and woman residing there and observed that the woman appeared to be intoxicated while the man was not. The man stated that he had been working on a lawnmower at his daughter’s house and when he returned the woman was angry at him. He said he would stay at his daughter’s house that night.

April 30

–Several residents of Highway V and Splitlimb Road near Raymondville filed complaints about mailbox vandalism. Each said their mailbox was fine on Friday and found damaged on Saturday. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

April 25

Martha L. Brumble – burglary, stealing

Timmy L. Hicks – 12-hour commitment

Cody M. Bressie – possession of liquor by a minor

James A. Drewel – 6-month commitment

April 26

Timmy L. Hicks – 13-hour commitment

Ruth R. Verhoff – warrant, possession of controlled substance

April 27

Thomas N. Martin – Taney County warrant

Timmy L. Hicks – 16-hour commitment

Michael D. Shelly – driving while license revoked (Wright County)

April 28

Taylor B. Smith – writ

Rhonda L. Lee – writ

Casey J. Birky – writ

Loyd Decker Jr. – writ

Marvin D. Hayes, Jr. – writ

Timmy L. Hicks – 16-hour commitment

Crystal D. Wengler – passing bad checks

April 29

George D. Freeman – 5-day commitment

Ashley N. Wells – 3-month commitment

Carl A. Martin – 10-day commitment

Robert W. Wilber – 48-hour commitment

Dwayne E. Mosbey – hold for Cape Girardeau PD

Jackson C. Morgan – hold for Mountain View PD

Diana L. Foster – 48-hour commitment

Crystal D. Wengler – driving while license suspended (Licking PD)

April 30

Mykel W. Freeman – DWI, speeding, no seat belt

Roger D. Collins – hold for Crawford County

May 1

Kevin D. Bowling – DWI

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