The City of Houston is seeking volunteers to operate its storm shelter at Pine and First streets in Houston.

The threat of tornadoes in Texas County early Wednesday caused some nervous moments for law enforcement and emergency preparedness officials.

The National Weather Service reported ominous clouds – which promised to drop tornadoes – appeared to threaten a good portion of the county.

Tornado sirens sounded at about 4:30 a.m. in several Texas County communities as spotters were stationed around the county looking for twisters. A command post was established at the Houston Storm Shelter at First and Pine streets. It was manned by Art Thomas, Houston’s emergency preparedness director. Houston’s sirens were sounded followed by Raymondville. At one point, the storm was directly over Cabool, the National Weather Service said.

Luckily, no twisters materialized. A Texas County deputy reported she saw no damage as the storm moved eastward.


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