A look at the cab.

U.S. Highway 63 near Hog Creek south of Houston was the scene of an unusual single-vehicle crash early Thursday afternoon.

While traveling southbound at the location, an 18-wheel tractor-trailer driven by Gene Ramsey, 66, of Long Lane, left the roadway and went off a steep embankment and traveled more than 100 yards through a pasture before overturning on a hillside on the property of Leon and Beverly James. During its off-road run, the truck crashed through a steel pipe fence and took out several cedar trees along another fenceline.

“I was sitting at the computer and heard this noise,” Beverly said. “I said to Leon, ‘something must have happened at the highway.’ I looked outside and I didn’t think it would be so close to the house.”

Ramsey was not injured; Texas County Rescue Squad personnel arrived at the scene and checked him out, but did not transport him to the hospital.

Ramsey, who drives for a Springfield-based company, said he wasn’t sure what caused his truck to go out of control, but didn’t rule out that he might have clipped the guardrail at Hog Creek bridge.

“I don’t know,” he said. “But it seemed like when I got to the bridge the front end started wobbling and I just couldn’t control it. I wouldn’t think I would have hit it – I’ve always been so careful, and I’ve been doing this so many years.

“But I guess anything’s possible.”

This story was updated at 3:50 p.m. May 5 to include comments from the driver.

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