Deputies in Texas County were called to several investigations during the last week.

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department handled several calls during the last week:

June 19

–An anonymous caller reported that six dogs were tied to a tree at Wear and Highway 32. An investigating officer saw no dogs in the area.

June 20

–A 68-year-old Houston man called to report that his Prairie Road residence had been broken into causing about $350 worth of damage to a door and door jamb. The man said he suspected a 26-year-old Houston man.

June 21

–An Elk Creek woman called to report that a neighbor’s dog had spooked and chased cattle on her Longview Road property. The neighbor was not home when an investigating officer arrived, but the officer reported that the neighbor would be contacted and told to control the dog or be charged with allowing the animal to run loose.

–A man called to report a break-in at a Clinton Township building on Perkins Lane.

The man, a township employee, reported that the door to the building appeared to have kicked in and that several items had been stolen, including a 4,000 watt Homelight generator valued at $1,000, a Stihl pole saw valued at $400 and a small gas can.

June 22

–An officer reported a Cabool woman called to report that two of her cattle had been run to death at her Oriole Road residence on June 17.

Two officers went to the scene and observed the dead cattle. They then went to a neighbor’s Sunrise Drive residence and observed a pit bull matching the description given.

The neighbor, a 29-year-old man, was advised that he would be issued a citation for failing to control his dog, and he said he understood.

June 23

–A man called to report that the window on the door to his Highway B residence had been broken. The man reported that he suspected another man who was probably jealous.

–A man called to request an ambulance at his Highway 137 residence stating that his daughter was having mental issues.

–A Houston woman called at about 2 p.m. to request that a man and a woman be removed from her Forrest Street residence. Both people left and were advised of the 12-hour rule.

–Matthew F. Doyle, 33, of 130 Elm St. in Raymondville, was arrested and charged with third- degree domestic assault after reportedly becoming aggressive toward his 57-year-old mother.

June 25

–A 51-year-old woman, of Pine Street in Willow Springs, and a 29-year-old man, of Bradford Road in Willow Springs, each reported having their vehicles stolen during the night.

Both vehicles were recovered.

The man’s 2004 Mercury Mountaineer was found stuck in the gravel off a low water crossing on Pine Creek and the woman’s 1995 Jeep Wrangler was found on County Road 3200 in Howell County.

There were no suspects.

–A Lake Ozark woman called to report a burglary at her Big W Drive property in Raymondville.

The woman stated she was in the process of moving and had discovered numerous items missing on June 24. She said the door to the home was open and the place had been trashed. Stolen items reportedly included many electronics, some furniture and numerous household pieces.

The woman estimated the total value of the stolen items at about $5,000.

–A Houston man called to report the theft of tools and damage to his Highway 17 residence.

The man stated that numerous power tools and other tools with a total value of $3,240 had been stolen and that $10,000 worth of damage had been done to the home’s electrical and AC systems.

–A Bucyrus woman called to report that numerous items of jewelry were missing from her Highway 17 residence.

–A woman called to report that two people were camping without permission and had left trash on her Highway BB property. She stated that she knew the campers’ parents and would call to have them clean up the trash.

June 26

–Two Mountain Grove men each received citations for stealing under $500 and second-degree trespassing after being charged with swiping scrap metal from an East Business U.S. 60 residence at about 11:15 a.m.

Rodney A. Jarrett, 44, of 901 North St., Lot 27 in Mountain Grove, and Todd E. Schell, 44, of 901 North St., Lot 27 in Mountain Grove, were cited after the owner of the property who lives across the street called to report that two men were loading scrap metal into the back of an old red farm truck with wooden side rails, and that nobody was supposed to be there. The suspects had left the scene before a deputy arrived, but had been stopped nearby and held by Mountain Grove police.

Texas County Jail admissions

June 22

Daniel J. Parker – writ

Jaret J. Siegler – theft, property damage

Karie L. Nelson – stealing motor vehicle

June 23

Matthew F. Doyle – probation violation

Phyllis A. Joseph – failure to register vehicle, no insurance (City of Licking)

Jason R. Hall – driving while license revoked, no seatbelt

Bethany M. Hall – possession of controlled substance

June 24

Marilyn D. Litsey – writ

Amy M. Bowling – writ

Allen R. Johnson – 48-hour commitment


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