County authorities say they have a suspect in break-in.

A Houston man called the Texas County Sheriff’s Department Sunday to report a possible burglary at his Highway B residence. His description of a woman he saw leaving left authorities believing she could be the same one who was recently charged with other area burglaries.

The man told an investigating officer that he came home two days earlier and saw a woman leaving the house. He said she told him she was looking for a particular business in the neighborhood and thought she had heard someone inside invite her in.

The man said the woman was driving a white Dodge Durango and gave a description that matched a 38-year-old woman who is a former law enforcement officer from outside the area and who was charged with multiple burglaries in the area in April.

A victim of one of those thefts reported confronting a woman leaving their home and heard her explain that she was lost, while another stated the woman said she was looking for a trailer that was supposedly for rent.

The Durango was found June 25 in the parking lot of a Houston business and was impounded.

The man was to be shown a photo lineup to see if he could identify the woman.

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