Locations of several class of 1961 students at HHS are sought.

The Houston High School class of 1961 is seeking the locations of 22 classmates.

There were 152 students between 1957 and 1961.

Here is the list: Nadine Akers, Willie Estelle Andrews, Raymond Baker, Leonard Beasley, Joe Brown, Judith Cockran, Kaye Collins, Charles Cole, Tommy Collins, Ray Hatfield, Arthur Heinold, Elizabeth Kearns, Mary Kearns, Lewis Dwayne Lancaster, Marcella May, Alice McClure, Carolyn Phinney, Joyce Randell, Rose Snyder, Dale Stevenson, James Stevenson and Karl B. Thiessen.

Persons with information should write Glenn Romines Jr., P.O. Box 276, Houston, Mo. 65483 or call 417-260-5294.


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