Clint Zweifel

State Treasurer Clint Zweifel announced the beginning of his annual statewide effort to increase unclaimed property returns through statewide newspaper advertising that will put more than 80,000 names in print.

Texas County residents with new unclaimed property turned over to Zweifel in the past year will see their names in the Herald starting this week.

The newspaper advertisements are required by state law. Those seeing their name listed should go to to start the claims process.

“Each year millions of dollars and hundreds of physical items from safe deposit boxes are turned over to me to protect until claimed by owners and heirs,” Zweifel said. “As people move, family members pass and information is misplaced, it is my duty to protect Missourians’ unclaimed property forever until returned. In doing so, I want Missourians to have a good experience, and this advertising helps me get the word out.”

Zweifel has returned more than $80 million to 250,000 accounts since he took office in January 2009. In the past year, Zweifel has unveiled three new tools for Missourians looking for unclaimed property. Most individuals are able to file 100 percent paperless claims online. He has also implemented an email notification system. In February, Treasurer Zweifel unveiled the first unclaimed property search kiosk in Columbia. These efforts have cut wait times in half.


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