This dog — Scrappy — is ready for adoption.

This past weekend our community celebrated the Fourth of July holiday to acknowledge the freedom our wonderful nation provides to each and every one of us and to honor the men and women who have served to defend these basic tenets of life. From everyone at the shelter, we would like to say thank you to all of our veterans and active military personnel for the service you have so freely given to our country.

The freedom we enjoy and the very essence of humanity this freedom provides, are what the courageous men and women have defended, protected and ensured for each of us. These principles represent the same freedoms that the animal shelter, through the generous support of our community and local businesses, strive to provide to the animals we serve; the freedom of a life filled with humanity and compassion, and a life without abuse or suffering. It is for this reason that it is so important for us to recognize and honor our armed forces, both past and present, because they provide the foundation and the building block of our freedom and the freedom we strive to “pay it forward” to the animals.

It is through the support of our community and our local businesses that the shelter is able to fulfill our mission to assist the animals of Texas County. With this in mind, we would like to invite everyone to our upcoming “fish fry and auction.”

On July 16 at the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce community building at the North U.S. 63 fairgrounds, TASTC will host a two-part fish fry and auction fundraiser. All proceeds will help the shelter continue its mission to aid the abused, neglected and abandoned animals within Texas County. After the fish fry, Mike Newkirk and Newkirk Auction Co. will hold an auction event to raise additional funds. Items being auctioned have been donated from local businesses and members of the community. If anyone would like to donate a craft or any other item, the shelter is still taking donations.

The fish fry is 5-7 p.m., and then the auction will begin immediately afterwards. Tickets can be purchased in advance at The Animal Shelter of Texas County for $8 or they can be purchased at the door for $10. For more information contact the shelter at 417-967-0700.


The shelter is experiencing a problem and we would like to request the assistance of the community. The shelter is over capacity! There is literally no kennel, bed or even a corner for another animal. We have been forced to stop accepting animals unless it is an emergency; however people are dumping animals along the side of the road or sneaking to the shelter at night and tying animals to the fence. We are pleading with the community, if you have an unwanted animal, please do not dump it or abandon it at the gate. We are asking you to please call us and talk to us. We will try to make arrangements to assist you with unwanted animals. It may be possible for us to assist you with food or other items until space is available, or we may be able find a foster home for the animal, but cruelty or abandoning the animal is never the answer in solving the problem. Again, please just contact a shelter member and allow us the opportunity to work with you.


If anyone is interested in becoming a foster parent for one of our furry friends, we are in dire need of persons who are willing to make this commitment. Any help that you could offer is severely needed and greatly appreciated. Also, the only way we reduce the number of furry guests staying at the shelter is to have them adopted. We have kitten, cats, puppies and dogs in just about all types, colors and ages available for adoption. If anyone is considering or would like to adopt an affectionate and loving pet companion, we have one available that is just for you and has your name on its collar. Please contact the shelter for more information regarding our foster or adoption programs.


In keeping with our Fourth of July Holiday theme, our showcase animal for the week is a real “firecracker!” This week we would like to introduce you to “Scrappy” who is one of the dogs in our Healing Paws Foster Dog Program and has recently received his basic obedience training. Scrappy has a small to medium build and is 1 to 1-1/2 years old. He has a sleek, soft black colored coat and white socks. We are not actual sure of his breed, however we believe him to be of a Corgie mix.

When Scrappy first came to the shelter he was a true handful. All he wanted to do was fight with every dog he came in contact with, hence his name “Scrappy.” He was full of energy, bounced off of the walls and created nothing but mischief. Today, Scrappy has learned proper manners and loves to play, not fight, with the other dogs. In fact, his favorite play pal is a 18-week-old puppy named “Bocephus” and the two are inseparable and spend hours romping around wrestling with each other. In addition to his basic obedience training of sit, stay, down, come and heel, Scrappy can also shake, roll-over, stand and is housebroken. This dog would be perfect for a family with children that he can run and play with. He has truly made a remarkable turnaround in his life and is now just looking for a second chance in life and a perfect forever home to call his own.

If anyone would like more information about Scrappy or any of the other animals, cat or dogs, we have available for adoption, you can visit the shelter at our website,, to view the pets online, or you can visit in person 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. We are just east of Houston on Highway 17 and would welcome your visit.



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