A Houston man is cited after his dog attacked a neighbor's chickens, authorities said.

A Houston man faces charges for failing to control his dog that was attacking a neighbor’s chickens, authorities said.

Clifford G. Norris, 29, of 17690 Brushy Creek Road in Houston, was issued a citation for animal abuse – failure to maintain adequate control after his dog reportedly attacked a neighbor’s chickens.

The neighbor told an investigating officer that he has seen Norris’ dog come onto his property and attack his chickens on more than one occasion. He also stated that he had asked Norris several times to keep his dogs put up, but that hadn’t happened.

–An officer reported that a Licking man called on July 19 at about 1:30 a.m. to report that he believed that two air conditioners had been stolen from a residence across the road from his Highway 137 residence.

The man told an investigating officer he had seen a small pickup truck leaving the scene with the two units in its bed.

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