Lieutenant Melissa Dunn and Sergeant Travis Davis of the Texas County Sheriff’s Department were among the attendees of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals 17th annual Drug Court Training Conference July 17-20 at the Gaylord Convention Center in Washington, DC.

More than 3,000 drug court professionals from the United States and three other countries attended.

Multiple training sessions were held in seven different auditoriums throughout each of the event’s four days. Detailed training and information were provided on several topics, and training was included for judges, prosecutors, probation officers, trackers, counselors, and substance abuse providers.

Some of the training Dunn and Davis attended was on synthetic marijuana (a.k.a. K2), urinalysis and breathalyzer, tracking aspects, understanding the addict, and initiating juvenile drug courts.

Celebrity support on hand at the event included actors Martin Sheen and Matthew Perry, singer Melissa Givens, and several others.

A rally in support of funding for the drug court program was held outside the Capitol Building on the morning of July 19. Several celebrities and influential members of the House of Representatives and Senate spoke during the rally.

Sheen expressed his.

“From saving money to saving lives, from eliminating racial disparities to protecting public safety, from cutting crime to restoring families, from coming to the aid of our veterans to stopping impaired drivers, this is a budget solution we cannot afford to cut,” he said.

Statistics show that on average it costs over $24,000 a year to house an inmate in prison and that most will re-offend when they get out. It costs $7,000 an year for a person in drug court and statistics show a high success rate in prevention of re-offending.

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