State Treasurer Clint Zweifel 

Missourians claimed a record $36 million in unclaimed property from State Treasurer Clint Zweifel in fiscal year 2011– a 4 percent increase over the previous year’s record.

At the same time the amount of accounts returned climbed 30 percent to 120,000 — the first time more than 100,000 claims have ever been returned in a single fiscal year.

With the announcement, Zweifel has returned 27 percent, or $83 million, of all unclaimed property ever returned. Unclaimed property started being returned in 1985.

In southwest Missouri, which includes Texas County, Zweifel said $32 million in more than 355,000 accounts has been claimed.

“When you cut red tape, cut bureaucracy and open up to citizens, the results are clear — increase performance by 30 percent in just one year,” Zweifel said. “Technological innovations, streamlined processes and proactive outreach make it possible to return $36 million from 120,000 accounts. In fact, just (last week) I approved another $100,000 return to an individual in the St. Louis area.”

Zweifel has launched three new tools to return unclaimed property — a 100 percent paperless claims process; an email notification system that was the fifth created in the nation; and a prototype kiosk in Columbia that allows for the search and return of assets.

“We perform millions of searches a year for unclaimed property and we are able to do that because Missourians know this is legitimate, it is user friendly and I never charge for their returns,” Zweifel said. “My team knows the ultimate goal is to return all of the property I hold. It takes work each and every day, and these records are a sure sign of progress.”

Anyone can search for unclaimed property

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