A Texas County woman has been cited three times for allowing her dogs to kill a neighbor's chickens, authorities said

Despite multiple citations, woman’s dogs keep killing neighbor’s chickens

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department has issued three citations in about a week to a Mountain Grove woman whose dogs repeatedly kill a neighbor’s chickens, authorities said.

Most recently, Cindy Meeks, 43, of 11295 Polk St. at Mountain Grove, was issued citations on Aug. 8 and 12 for animal abuse by failing to maintain adequate control of animals.

A neighbor told an investigating deputy that Meeks’ dogs had killed about of her 60 chickens since May. The woman stated that she recently shot two dogs in her chicken pen and followed a third who had a chicken in its mouth to Meeks’ property.

The neighbor stated she has spoken to Meeks about keeping her dogs up, but the problem persisted. She also stated she was concerned about Meeks’ 3-year-old child being allowed to be outside alone amongst the dogs.

An investigating officer reported after the Aug. 8 citation that he had observed numerous dogs running loose on Meeks’ property.


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