Authorities are discounting a report of a stabbing in Houston.

On Aug. 3 at about 8:20 p.m., a Houston Police Department officer was dispatched to the emergency room at Texas County Memorial Hospital regarding a reported stabbing and robbery.

The officer spoke to the alleged victim, a 36-year-old Houston man, who stated that he had observed a male subject wearing jeans and a cut off flannel shirt in the front of a storage shed at a Oak Crest Street residence where he had been working for a family friend.

The man stated that after twice asking the other man what he was doing there, someone grabbed him from behind and another man attacked him with a bladed object.

The victim said that while trying to defend himself, he sustained cuts to his right hand and left arm. He said the suspects then removed his fanny pack from his waist, stole $175 cash and prescription medication from it and then took off running.

The man said he heard a female voice before he was attacked, but never saw the person speaking.

After two officers went to the scene to investigate, they concluded that based on the evidence as presented and the man’s verbal testimony, the wounds on his back and arms may have been self-inflicted.

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