An upswing in enrollment is reported at most county school districts.

Texas County’s school enrollment remained steady in most districts, except at Cabool, where the head count decreased by 61 students.

All but one of the county’s seven districts, Summersville, was back in session at the start of the week.

In the six districts back to the books, there were 3,476 in classrooms. On the first day a year ago, the number was 3,568.

Houston’s enrollment dropped by eight to 1,034. Last year’s first-day count was 1,042. Individual building totals were not available on Tuesday, the school district said.

First-day enrollment decreased by 61 students from last August to 753, said Dr. Wesley Davis, Cabool superintendent. The bulk of that – 41 – came from the elementary school. “One thing that stands out is this year’s first grade is currently at 49 students, which is our smallest class. Last year in August, it was the largest at 74. The loss of 25 students is very unusual.”

“I have the enrollment and/or membership records for the past nine years and not only is this the largest decrease, it is also the lowest district enrollment.”

But Davis adds, that last year the district had an increase of 32 kids on August enrollment from the previous August enrollment of 2009. “That makes the figures seem even more shocking,” Davis said, noting enrollment stood at 756 on Monday.

Licking was nearly unchanged with 847 in class, down three. Raymondville’s tally was 128, up one.

Success dropped nine to 90, and Plato stood at 624, down 12 from the first day a year ago.

Summersville students arrive back this week.

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